Personal Trainerfor Everyone.

Intuitive and Addictive!

"Who can't commit to just 5 minutes of simple movement? That's the hook. Once you get going it's somewhat addictive. Trainers encourage you to keep on going. Best app of its kind!" -kapfairy

First Workout in Years!

"At age 65, I haven't worked out for decades. This starts in doable increments. I love the fact that I can see my own movements. I'll be doing these daily!" -Appleiteach

Thousands of people worldwide are realizing their fitness goals with Fitnet.

Perfect for People With No Time

“I have a 4-month old, and while breastfeeding helped me get rid of a lot of my pregnancy weight, there was still a stubborn 14lbs to go. This app is perfect. I can sneak a workout in after work, while our baby is napping! -scantron

Great Flexible & Motivational Workouts!

"This exercise app fits in so well with my schedule because of the way you can do multiple work outs or just what you can fit in. Plus I love the way you can tailor it to fitness level or limitations because of previous injuries or surgeries. It is the first app that gives me a real workout and I don't worry about risking injury. Plus because of the built in success you want to do more and varied workouts. I feel like I have found the answer to fitness that I have been looking for !!!! -JBS213

Super Convenient.

Got five minutes? Then you have time for a Fitnet workout. From the new mom to the road warrior and everyone in between, Fitnet's short workouts fit right into your schedule, no matter how busy. Pick a live coach for text and video coaching to keep you motivated.

Real-time Monitoring

Fitnet works seamlessly with Apple Watch to provide real-time heart rate and cardio zone during exercise. Plus, use the selfie to improve form, see your progress over time and share with a personal trainer.

Real, Certified
Personal Trainers

There is no substitute for a live person who knows you. With a Fitnet Live Coach at your side, you are empowered and equipped to realize your fitness goals with custom workout plans, personal guidance and accountability.

Get Fit & Stay Fit!

With over 200 free exercise videos ranging from abs to yoga at all intensity levels there is a personalized workout waiting for you to achieve your fitness goal and maintain it. No other solution provides on demand and live fitness coaching.

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